Imac Construction’s Leadership Team believes an Incident and Injury Free culture is achievable. We accomplish this by developing effective working relationships, providing excellent communication, eliminating at-risk behaviors, and providing recognition for behaviors that contribute to an Incident and Injury Free work environment. Fundamental keys to our success are the following:

  • Compliance with our Code of Safe Practices

  • Everyone will be treated with respect

  • Provide continual Safety education and training

  • Empower Imac construction, inc., Employees to make safe choices every day

  • Everyone will look after the safety of others as well as their own

  • Everyone has the authority and responsibility to stop unsafe work or conditions

  • Everyone will hold working safely as a core value

The safe worker benefits himself, fellow workers, and Imac construction, inc., by making safety a way of life.

Employee Stop Work Authority

Workers are free to express their views regarding safety. Their suggestions for safety improvements are encouraged including stopping any work activity that is not considered safe.

Loss Prevention Self-Assessment

A simple tool has been implemented at Imac construction, inc., and it is called the Loss Prevention Self Assessment (LPSA). All Imac construction, inc., personnel must conduct a Loss Prevention Self Assessment for each and every task. This simple, paperless risk assessment takes a few moments to perform and is the utmost powerful and effective tool in maintaining an Incident and Injury Free Workplace.

  • ASSESS the risk. What is the worst thing that could go wrong?

  • ANALYZE how to reduce the risk. Do I have the proper training and tools?

  • ACT to ensure Loss Free operations. Take action to make the job safe.

Safety Inquiries: